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What Baja lens to choose?

Benjamin Dillingham |

At Elektrisches Racing, we understand that the right lighting can make all the difference in your racing experience. That's why we're excited to introduce the Baja Designs S2 Lens Cover in both clear and yellow options, along with the benefits of our Driving Combo lens patterns. We take pride in offering our pre-wired Baja Designs S2 lights equipped with the Driving Combo lens, ensuring you're ready to hit the track with optimal lighting right out of the box.

Baja Designs S2 Lens Cover: Clear and Yellow

  • Clear Lens Cover: Ideal for maintaining the brightness and clarity of your light, ensuring maximum visibility on the track. While our pre-wired Bajas come with the Driving Combo lens, additional clear lens covers are available for purchase.
  • Yellow Lens Cover: Perfect for enhancing visibility in foggy, dusty, or snowy conditions. The yellow tint helps to reduce glare and improve contrast. You can easily purchase these as an add-on to customize your lighting to suit various racing environments.

The Benefits of the Driving Combo

  • Maximum Trail Coverage: The Driving Combo pattern combines a 42-degree Driving optic with a 9-degree Spot optic, offering a blend of light that covers both near field applications and distance. This is the default setup for our pre-wired Bajas, providing a versatile lighting solution right from the start.
  • Versatility: Whether you're navigating through tricky corners or speeding down a straight path, this combo provides the perfect balance of width and focus.

Lens Patterns Explained

  1. Wide Cornering: This pattern features a 42-degree flattened horizontal beam, ideal for cornering in various conditions like dust, snow, rain, or fog. It's designed for comfort lighting, ensuring you have a clear view of the track ahead.

  2. Driving Combo: A unique blend of the 42-degree Driving and 9-degree Spot optics, this pattern offers comprehensive trail coverage, ensuring both near and distant terrain are well-lit. This is the standard lens pattern for our pre-wired Bajas, but you can easily switch to other patterns with additional lenses available for purchase.

  3. Spot: With a focused 9-degree beam, the Spot pattern is excellent for illuminating further down the trail or road. It's best used in conjunction with Wide Driving or Driving/Combo lights for a complete lighting solution.

  4. Work/Scene: This pattern provides an extremely smooth 120° circle of light that projects about 40ft, making it an excellent choice for work or scene lighting. However, it's not suitable for driving purposes.

Lens Color - Green, Category - Fog-Light, H9, Light-Bar, RGBW, Seals,  Sierra-(19%2B), Silverado-%2807~13%29, Silverado-%2899~06%29, Solvent,  Titan-%2816~20%29, Tundra-%2807~13%29

1. Spot                         2. Driving Combo                 3. Work/Scene

Conclusion The Baja Designs S2 Lens Cover, available in clear and yellow, along with the versatile Driving Combo, are essential tools for any racer or off-road enthusiast. These lighting solutions offer not only enhanced visibility and safety but also the flexibility to adapt to various racing conditions. With our pre-wired Bajas equipped with the Driving Combo lens and the option to purchase additional lenses, Elektrisches Racing ensures you're always equipped with the best lighting for your racing adventures!

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